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know about the diary, as i think about it is one thing i would most want to know. jim? >> was the secret and cyclical, do we have it, and if we do, was it similar to the so, so. >> there is book you should read the hidden cyclical, a very good book which tells the story and it too is disappointing. just to give you a little bit more background so you understand why it is disappointing. the pope had a problem. he appointed this american jesuit without letting pacelli know, without letting anyone in the secretary of state office know but he had to inform the head of his order just because of the jesuit discipline. so the day after, couple days after he met with father la farring, he calls in the jesuit superior general, this pole, ledowsky tells him what he has done. we know from his correspondence the head of the jesuit order's correspondence with colleagues he thought the pope was mad, he usedded word in english, mad, when he heard about this project. he said, among other things what did this american jesuit know about writing in a cyclical? it is quite a developed art
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1